Financial Analytics

We interpret your hard numbers, explain inconsistent ones, and filter out the figures you can forget.  

Understanding your finances takes a bit of know-how. That is where we come in. We gather all your financial data then examine it for irregularities and excess. Our approach to financial analytics is simple. We answer your questions about spending habits, revenue, and cost. Then we help you create a plan to get you on track.

Expect the Unexpected with Forecasting and Projections

Your financial analytics tell you everything there is to know about your company. We use a simple ad hoc analysis approach to create reports and find areas that need to change. We avoid relying only on static reports to give you accurate forecasts and projections.

When it is time share our findings with you we never send over a complicated spreadsheets.  Instead, we use graphs, charts, easy figures, and everyday language to help you see where you stand.  

Through understanding your financials you we help you identify various projections and insights including:

  • sales and revenue projections

  • customer and product profitability

  • operational cost

  • cash flow

  • value drivers

  • shareholder value

Optimize Your Operations

When analyzing your financial analytics we take your raw data and simplify it. We examine it, draw conclusions, test theories, and push it to its limits. Your financials are then simplified, explained, and proven. We give you a budget that works and projections that make sense.

After the numbers are settled we partner with you to develop strategies that will optimize your business. We partner with you. We help you build out new budgets and recommend software to control cost. We stay in touch until you are confident in the new strategy and follow up regularly to ensure everything remains on track.