What We Do

We’re good at a lot of things, but we’re great at this!

We do for you, what the Fortune 500 companies have been doing all along to gain their competitive edge. If you’ve been wondering how Fortune 500 companies remain profitable, here’s the answer:
They give us at dcAnalyst their raw data and extract key metrics that we use to empower them in order for them to make better decisions.

Key Performance Indicators

We take the work out of identifying your key performance indicators so you can focus on achieving them.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) reveal how effectively your business is achieving your overall goals. To achieve your sales and operational goals you must measure and test your efforts. Whether you need to focus on your loyalty rewards program or sales last year; we help you gain traction.

We identify your KPIs quickly and help you understand everything the first time. We develop real-time reporting tools that are easy to implement and use. Next, we customize dashboards and keep them simple.

Identify Your KPIs

Deciding on what to track and measure is a challenge. We partner with you to learn more about your sales goals and desired results. When you contact us about your KPIs we help you identify which parts can be measured and which can rest.

Key performance indicators are typically selected based on departments, industries, and other business operations. They are tracked within two categories: high-level and low-level. High level KPIs include the overall operations of your business or enterprises. Low-level KPIs include the customer level areas of your business such as sales.

Track Your KPIs with Dashboards

Our approach to tracking your KPIs is simple and clean. We avoid over designing our dashboards to give your team the information they need at a glance.

Each dashboard we create makes sharing your KPIs simple. We incorporate easy to read charts, tables, and diagrams. They are easy to read to help your team navigate them quickly. Our dashboards remove the guesswork and helps your organization operate more effectively.


Marketing Analytics

We take a hard look at your data to help you understand your customers and engage them.

Every great campaign begins with engaging your audience. To engage your audience you need to understand everything you can about them. Through observing behavior and identifying purchasing trends you can answer tough questions.

What is the median age and lifestyle of your customers?

Are your services priced right?

Can you get your products to your customers faster?

Marketing analytics evaluates data to create and guide your marketing and operational strategies. Your customers need to find your business during their moments of searching for answers. To get in front of your customers takes planning, insight, and strategy. Through understanding your data you can create optimized presences that are responsive and relevant.  

Unify and Connect Your Data

Our marketing analytics services gather your data from various platforms. We grab data from transactions, website analytics, industry trends, social media presences, and more. Then we connect and use the data to help you create marketing campaigns that make sense.

Scattered data is useless, wasteful, and ineffective. So we organize, structure, and present your data simply. We avoid overwhelming spreadsheets and work beyond pivot tables. Instead, we use easy to understand documents and presentations.

We help you understand your data to ensure you can use it. We keep things simple, stick around for questions, and provide relevant marketing insights.

Track Your Customer Behavior

Understanding how your customers are interacting with your brand gives you a competitive advantage. We gather your customer data from every part of your business and compare them to industry trends. Then, we segment, align, and organize your data to help you make marketing decisions.

Understanding your customers gives you insights into the best ways to interact with them. While analyzing industry trends, behavior patterns, and buy decisions can improve ROI and marketing success.

Financial Analytics

We interpret your hard numbers, explain inconsistent ones, and filter out the figures you can forget.  

Understanding your finances takes a bit of know-how. That is where we come in. We gather all your financial data then examine it for irregularities and excess. Our approach to financial analytics is simple. We answer your questions about spending habits, revenue, and cost. Then we help you create a plan to get you on track.

Expect the Unexpected with Forecasting and Projections

Your financial analytics tell you everything there is to know about your company. We use a simple ad hoc analysis approach to create reports and find areas that need to change. We avoid relying only on static reports to give you accurate forecasts and projections.

When it is time share our findings with you we never send over a complicated spreadsheets.  Instead, we use graphs, charts, easy figures, and everyday language to help you see where you stand.  

Through understanding your financials you we help you identify various projections and insights including:

  • sales and revenue projections

  • customer and product profitability

  • operational cost

  • cash flow

  • value drivers

  • shareholder value

Optimize Your Operations

When analyzing your financial analytics we take your raw data and simplify it. We examine it, draw conclusions, test theories, and push it to its limits. Your financials are then simplified, explained, and proven. We give you a budget that works and projections that make sense.

After the numbers are settled we partner with you to develop strategies that will optimize your business. We partner with you. We help you build out new budgets and recommend software to control cost. We stay in touch until you are confident in the new strategy and follow up regularly to ensure everything remains on track.