Tools Of the Trade: Python

How your business can reap the benefits of using Python in 2019

There’s no doubt many businesses today struggle with the question of what programming language to use in running day to day affairs. Of course, everyone has his/her choice of preference when it comes to this subject. Therefore, settling to a unified language can prove to be more tasking than expected. This is made even more complicated if your team is made up of gen Z and gen x.

Surprisingly, this is a simple question that’s not supposed to crack your head or cause you sleepless nights. The answer you are looking for is Python. Here is why:

So, what is Python?

Perhaps the most basic place we can start is by answering a simple question; what’s Python? For those in the dark, the name Python was coined after the comedic genius of Monty Python (ring a bell?). Ever since its inception, Python has been used to do a wide range of things; from creating games to testing microchip viability. With this, you may think Python is a complex and complicated language; on the contrary, it is perhaps the simplest programming language you will easily mistake it for the English language rather than coding at all.

We can talk about all the reasons why Python is the most popular high-level language in the world today, but when all is said and done it, all boils down to this simplicity and ease of use at the end of the day.

Any big player using Python?

There’s nothing wrong being the pioneer of something but the fear of the unknown will always get us thinking twice. That’s why we like to follow those who have been to the same route. In this regard, Python has some cool companies implementing the language. They include companies such as Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, IBM, and even Reddit. In fact, most of the well-known software companies in the world use Python. In these companies, the whole of their sites were built using Python.

Why Python?

I believe somehow the list of companies using Python we saw above somehow got you thinking again about using the language. However, that’s not even the reason why you should consider Python. The reason is simple; the application of Python in your business is far and wide. It always boils down to what you need it to do for you rather than what it can do. If you consider what it can do, the list is endless. Here is just a tip of the iceberg of what Python would excel at in your business:

  • You can create the best interactive user interface for your business website using Python, either online or app.

  • Its simplicity to read makes it the most accessible source code for a number of assets.

  • It’s one of the best languages for data science. The language can be easily used in machine learning, data analysis, and visualization.

  • Scripting has been made easy with Python. You can easily create a small program which automates a task.

Do you think that’s all? You are mistaken. Here are core reasons you may choose Python over others;

Easy and fast to integrate

One of the standing features for Python is a reputation for being a high-performance language. The fact that Python is a user-user friendly language makes it one of the fastest languages when it comes to development time.

The speed is even getting better every day with projects such as PyPy and Numba, which are aimed at speeding up the language using a high-performance function.

Use in Big Data

In the recent past, we have witnessed a sudden surge in the use of big data in businesses. With data analysts, marketing analyst, and data scientist favoring Python, we can say without blinking an eye that Python is an important language in data analytics and data processing. For this reason, it’s only fair to say that Python is used effectively to implement big data. It is one of the best choices when it comes to building analytic tools and datasets.

Easy to learn

Like I said earlier, Python is one of the easiest to learn high-level language programming languages compared to other languages. What makes it easy to learn is the fact that it is clean, simple, and very much user-friendly. For this reason, you can quickly introduce it to even the new staff in your company.

Python is excellent for use in Cyber Security

The recent past has seen Python being used more and more in cyber-security. The chief reason for this can only be because Python has lots of packages that are used in security applications thanks to its clean coding and easy to use design. Therefore, if you are looking for the security of your applications, then Python is your best bet.


Germar Reed, Senior Manager, Analytics Advisory Services – at Merkle and Principle at District Analytics, bringing more than ten years of data-driven marketing and advanced analytics experience to the team. He has extensive experience in developing and applying database marketing strategies for many Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, retail, automotive and healthcare. Throughout his career, he has been associated with the development of many well-known relationship marketing brands and customer loyalty strategies.