Google Analytics VS Adobe Analytics

As a digital marketer, your success in this niche depends on a lot of factors which include your tools, and resources. There are several essential digital marketing tools available to guarantee efficiency and business success. One of such vital tools is a web analytics tool. Web analytics is described as the measurement, evaluation, collection, and reporting of web data to foster the understanding and optimization of a web page. Google analytics and Adobe analytics are the most popular web analytics tools on the market.

Most digital marketers are unsure about which option is best for them. The right web analytics tool for your business or company is one that provides accurate and useful information. To help you make a choice, we will be discussing the major differences between both tools.


When it comes to cost, you must expect to pay a fee on either Google Analytics or Adobe analytics. Google Analytics offers a free version which some users find very useful. However, to get the premium features and more flexibility on the tool, the cost is a flat annual fee of $150, 000. Meanwhile, Adobe analytics offers no free version but a variable cost of between $30, 000 and $350, 000 annually. This fee depends on several factors which is why you must call the platform for a quote.


Google Analytics is easy to implement on any site. The user does not require any special skills or IT knowledge. It can also be customized easily too. Adobe Analytics, on the other hand, requires the skill of a professional to be implemented on a site. This is due to the fact that Adobe analytics is highly customized and may offer you more specific services than Google analytics.


For a better experience, custom variables are important in digital analytics. Google analytics allows you 5 custom variables in the old version and 20 custom variables with universal analytics. You can set the expiration time of each variable to give you the efficiency you need. Adobe Analytics offers more variables that are more flexible and allow for better analysis. Adobe Analytics offers up to 75 traffic variables, 75 event variables, and 100 conversion variables.


Every experienced digital marketer knows the prime importance of good customer service. Adobe analytics offer 24/7 customer support, and account management service. They offer training but for a fee and you can also get some tutorial videos for free from Adobe. Google analytics does not have a support line but the platform offers an official user forum, help center, and a fundamental course in digital analytics.